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We believe that preparation is the key to survival. Tri-Tactical Training Group specializes in survival training. Training that will prepare you for when your life is on the line, and split-second decisions matter. Like an athlete training for months to compete for only a few moments. It is the practice and repetition pays off in the heat of the battle. Unlike the athlete training, Tri-Tactical training prepares you for life and death situations. We will improve your situational awareness and warrior mindset, so the reward for winning is coming home safe and sound at the end of the day.


Groups or businesses should call for availability and special pricing. 

Firearms Training Overview


  1. Proper Grip
  2. Proper Stance
  3. Aiming/Sight Alignment
  4. Trigger Control
  5. Simulator and Live Fire Training
  6. Holster Draw
  7. Re-Loading Drills
  8. Building Confidence


  1. Judgment Skills
  2. Shoot, Don’t Shoot Scenarios
  3. Less than Lethal Force Training
  4. Cover and Concealment
  5. Verbal Commands
  6. Presenting a Presence


  1. Gun Cleaning / Gunsmith


Our Goal is to design, create or improve a unique and tailored made training program for the individual or company.  We will evaluate the person or companies self-defense or security needs and create a specific program.  Our company utilizes a three step approach to training in firearms and unarmed self-defense, which quickly builds muscle memory and mentally conditions the student.

  First by starting with our state of the art Firearms Training Simulator we are able to analyze a students grip, stance and trigger control, within a few shots our instructors are able to adjust any improper weapons handling or shot placements, this saves the student time and money and all in a safe environment.

  The training simulator is also used throughout our training program to continually condition the student in situational training designed to simulate actual high risk situations, building the students mental and physical aspects of armed conflict in shoot, don’t shoot and control scenarios. Tri-Tactical Training Group is also able to create specific scenarios for each client’s needs, be it personal defense, security, executive protection or active shooter.

 Next we progress to simunition training, which allows the student to begin Force on Force training, includes all previous training but allows for more aggressive/progressive training and the first stages of active shooter training by allowing for safe drawing, firearms manipulation and move/draw/shoot techniques all in a safe and controlled environment. 

  Live fire and practical exercises is the final stage and allows student to show what they have learned and builds the confidence to handle any given situation.  By training with Tri-Tactical and its three prong approach the student will be mentally stronger and more confidant in his or her ability to handle an unarmed/ armed conflict, we standby our training.

training range targets
Meggit FATS Level 4 Simulator demo

Simulation Training

Simulation training is learning by doing. Scenario training is the most efficient and practical way to teach and evaluate knowledge and skills. Simulation training will validate or invalidate previous training and methods of training. Performing physical tasks combined with cognitive processing in environments that are similar to real world situations while increasing proficiency. Recent research has shown that permanent gains can only be achieved when performing physical tasks and mental processing when placed in situations that you may encounter. At Tri-Tactical Training, we have taken this concept and have produced a training curriculum to allow each student the greatest possible training experience.

A realistic, repeatable stimulus during every training session is a necessity in effective training. It will allow Tri-Tactical Training to constantly teach and evaluate each and every student in a variety of environments and situations. Just as in real life, the tactics and procedures utilized will directly affect the outcome of each scenario. The results of using simulator based training are a direct increase in learning and retention which will directly correlate to an increase in safety and efficiency REDUCING the costs of ammunition, training time, and liability.

Tri-Tactical Training Group offers state of the art simulators and training packages. We offer on/off site training, we can come to you. This reduces the clients travel time which maximizes the clients training time, prices vary per package. 

The Meggit FATS Level 4 Simulator

Is a Windows based system and control center, with high Definition Projector and shoot Camera. The system has over 550 scenarios and over 50 marksmanship training ranges.

FATS Simulators are used by the following for defensive firearms training:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Security Professionals

FATS scenarios focus on:

  • Home/Family Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Shoot – Don’t Shoot
  • Verbal Commands
  •  School / Business
  • Armed Citizen Encounters
  • Many other Scenarios

Qualification courses include:

  • FBI

Tri-Tactical Training Group offers training using a Firearms Training Systems (FATS) by Meggitt, Inc. This is the same system used by Law Enforcement, Military and Security professionals (FBI & OPOTA courses).

Using real pistols, modified with micro-processors, the Hi Definition cameras produce real life scenarios and shooting ranges, all in the comfort of indoor shooting.

Meggit FATS Level 4 simulator training offers:

  • Marksmanship and Range Shooting
  • Firearm training
  • Judgment – use of force skills
  • Cover & Concealment
  • 500 Situational Scenarios
  • Trace Analysis
  • Indoor Training
  • Custom courses

SIM Ranges

SIM Training includes over 50 new Marksmanship Ranges with stationery and moving targets.

Tri-Tactical Training Group also offers advanced defensive SIM Training including holster draw, action, and cover and cocealment using barricades with wireless BlueFire technology.

SIM Analysis

Meggit FATS Level 4 simulator training features multiple lane capabilities, trace analysis and time to fire.

  •       Green = Arc of Movement (muzzle movement prior to firing the shot)
  •       Purple = Trigger Pull (the less, the better)
  •       Teal = Arc of Movement (muzzle movement after firing the shot)
  •       Red = shot

The FATS simulator is a great way to supplement live-fire training & skills development without ammunition expense.