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firearm training

We are focused on providing  self defense, Firearm and security training services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. check us out and if you have any comments or questions contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Our Owners:

Chris May
Chris is a former local and federal law enforcement officer with over 26 years of

experience. He has served in the capacity of patrolman as well as Chief of Police. Chris has been a law enforcement trainer in areas such as self defense, tactics, tactical baton, and high risk confrontation management. Chris has conducted numerous High Risk Security operations such as The Super Bowl, NATO operations and Operation Falcon with U.S. Marshal Service and 
Fox News Protection detail during the Charlotte N.C. Riots. Chris served in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman and was assigned to the U.S. Air Force's Anti-Hijacking/Terrorism Team.

Jesse  R. Sprouse

Jesse spent 15 years with the Medina County Sheriff's Office.  While serving with the Sheriff's Office, he served on the Combat Pistol Team and was an advisor for the Explorer Scout Program for ten years. Jesse retired and was hired by Glock pistols and the Desert Eagle .50 Caliber.

After great success and notoriety, Jesse was contacted by the United States Air Force Engineers. He helped develop the GAU 8 30mm cannon for the A-10 (Warthog). The shell casings fire depleted uranium and bear his stamp and also worked on a protective detail assigned to protect Fox News during the Charlotte N.C. Riots.

Jesse is the current owner of Valmark Inc., Valley Gunsmithing LLC., and co-owner of Tri-Tactical Training Group LLC. He is the Chief Armorer for 3TG, he can repair, improve and modify most firearms from a muzzleloader to automatic machine guns. Jesse is also the designer of the 3TG Kuboton.

Our Instructors: 

instructors at Tri-Tactical Training Group are retired/former federal and local

law enforcement. Each instructor has had over a 1000 hours of training in firearms and self defense . We, at Tri-Tactical Training Group, require our instructors to posses/maintain the highest level of knowledge, skills, ability and personal integrity.