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Tri-Tactical Training Group is a veteran owned training company with over 20 years of experience. Our staff has extensive training and consists of former federal and local law enforcement trainers. Tri-Tactical Training Group provides excellent service at a reasonable cost. We use the most advanced firearms and self-defense training equipment designed for personal or corporate needs. We offer one of the most comprehensive training programs in the northeast Ohio, using some of the most advanced simulator and SIMS training techniques. Instructors will design a program tailored to suit your needs to help you meet your goals. Tri-Tactical Training Group can bring the training to you for groups and offers group rates.


Weapons Training & Services

Basic Marksmanship
Close Quarter Combat
Advanced/Combat Firearms Techniques
Weapon Retention for Leo's/Civilians
Basic Pistol Safety Course (CCW)
Retired LEO Requalification
Federal Flight Deck Officer Training
Firearms Simulator
Simulator Analysis of Firearms Handling
Scenario Base Training
Active Shooter/Armed
Corporate/Individual Practical-
Exercise Coordination
Force on Force SIMS
Edged Weapons Defense
Executive Protection
Personal Security
Kids & Family Firearms Safety
Master Gunsmithing
Gun Cleaning
Armorer Services
Female Self-Defense

Unarmed Self Defense

Basic Self-Defense
Advanced Self-Defense
Ground Fighting Techniques
Pepper Spray
Self Defense for Women
Everything is a Weapon
Scenario Based Training
Active Shooter/Unarmed
Corporate/Individual Practical-
Exercise Coordination
Flight Crew Personal Protection
Situational Awareness

Awareness / Safety

Individual/Corporate Awareness Training
Realtor Safety Course
Oversees Travel Awareness
College Situational Awareness(New Student)
Explosive Detection & Awareness
Preventative Radiological Nuclear Detection 
Flight Crew Personal Protection
Surveillance Techniques & Detection
Security Assessments
Advanced Behavioral Detection
Interview Techniques
Investigative Skill Set Enhancement
CPR Training
Combat Medicine
Fundamentals to Fire Safety

Groups or businesses should call for availability and special pricing.

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